Welcome to the Linux section of my HPC blog. Here, I will describe how to use Linux tools and utilities that are commonly used for software projects, whether small or large. It is well known that the vast majority of HPC clusters (95%+) run the Linux operating system, so learning to how develop in the Linux environment is a key HPC skill.

Creating Linux Man Pages

Anyone who uses computers knows the value of documentation and code developers should value documentation even more if they want people to use their software. Software documentation also allows users to use the software correctly and efficiently, so it is vital that software is comprehensively documented.

Software documentation must be accessible and easy to find, otherwise users might not make the effort to locate the documentation. One way to make software documentation accessible and easy to find is by using Linux man pages. When your code is distributed it can be accompanied with the Linux man pages so they will be readily available for users.

Linux man pages are widely used and one of the first points of reference, and is widely used by Linux users and have been around ever since Unix has been around. Linux users generally invoke the command